Product development

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Industrial design

We create a realistic design that can be manufactured. During the ideation phase we work closely with cross disciplinary team to make sure that the ideas proposed by designers can be technically implemented and manufactured at target budget

Feasibility study/R&D

From very beginning it's very important to understand whether the new great idea has any available technical solutions which allows it to be implemented in real life. Our team can help to evaluate your idea, research and suggest a solution for turning your idea into a real product.

Samples development

  • proof of concept or works like- sample
  • hand- or CNC-made housing with control elements that can be integrated with Arduino-like boards to demonstrate the key idea of the product
  • looks like- (dummy) samples
  • 3D plastic made sketches to evaluate touch and feel of industrial design
  • MVP (works and looks like- sample)
  • CNC-made and painted sample with EVT-stage PCBA inside for demonstrations to stakeholders, on trade shows and for media

    Design for manufacturing and assembly

    Once your samples are ready, tested with your target market, reviewed by your marketing and team and stake holder - you are ready for the next step. We will arrange a production design process where we will look at each aspect of your product - quality, availability and cost of every mechanical component, electronic part, cost and reliability of assembly process.