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Mechanical design

  • 3D CAD/Modeling
  • FEA analysis
  • Product Image Rendering
  • Large and Small Assemblies
  • Design for manufacture and assembly

  • We can design your product structures and mechanisms, arrange physical components, adjust design to certain industry or government standard, modify existing design with regard of further manufacturing feasibility and cost.

    Applied in our products: Cinemood Petcube Jammy

    PCB design & layout

  • Analog and digital circuits design
  • PCB design & layout
  • Electronics re-design with regard to manufacturing cost
  • Board bringing-up, testing and verification.

  • Our expertise covers:
  • Mixed signal, digital, analog circuits schematics. MTBF calculations
  • Design of multi layer, flex- and stretch- PCB schematic and layout design
  • CAD simulations
  • Boards 3D design and rendering
  • signal conditioning,
  • linear and non-linear, pulsed circuits,
  • power supplies,
  • interfacing high resolution and fast ADC/DAC,
  • analog and digital inputs,
  • low-power sensor controllers and MEMS,
  • DSP and I/O Controller boards,
  • ARM based SBC
  • Applied in our products: HelloEgg

    Embedded software (firmware) development services

  • Communication protocols development (e.g. communication via DC power line)
  • Interface modules (SPI, UART, I2C, Smart GPIO...) and integrations
  • Data science (data analysis and modeling)
  • Internet of things and 3rd party systems, solutions and connected devices integration and support
  • Remote monitoring and telemetry solutions
  • Smart city projects
  • Proximity projects based on GPS, BLE and Wi-Fi
  • Wearable technologies
  • Rapid prototyping

  • look-like models (dummy samples) made by CNC or manually
  • work-like models assembled from CNC or 3D-printed parts
  • work- and look-like models assembled from high quality painted CNC-parts and PCBA
  • Applied in our products: Pockebook