About product


Robo Wunderkind is a robotics kit for kids 5y+ with programmable Lego-like bricks that teach kids how algorithms and code work. It is essentially a set of blocks which you can use to build all kinds of functional robots.

Robo is a Vienna-based company developing modular and programmable robots set to revolutionize the way children learn robotics and coding.

Technology stack

Allwinner A13, SiliconLabs EFM8, Optical sensors, PIR sensors, Meteo, Light sensors, Ultrasonic sensors. Displays: LCD, RGB matrix panels



Manufacturing process

Plastic injection


ROBO co-founders have contacted RnD64 with the idea to create a modular robot to popularize Robotechnics science among kids. At that time the clear idea how the product should look like and work like hasn’t existed. The first step involved creating a product specification and detailed product use-case scenarios. During collaborating sessions we created a product specification, detailed description of the cubes and their functionality.


The RnD64 together with startup co-founders worked on designing product concept. Once the first step was completed, product specification was born and design vector was chosen, the team started working on choosing a right technical platform for the product to meet product specification and target unit cost.

The team has managed to utilize I2C interface and built a dynamic addressing protocol over the I2C bus to enable the robot to be assembled by users in any possible ways. Each cube contains it’s own MCU and engineering team created a full set of firmware for each individual cube and integrated them into a comprehensive framework which provides a single communication interface between application and hardware. Finally, the team delivered mechanical STEP files, documentation for PCBA manufacturing, firmware source code and helped to find a right manufacturing partner.