About product


Cat health monitoring collar

Moggie is an advanced solution for tracking cat behaviours, health changes and medical treatment developed for feline researchers and cat owners. It is a smart collar that understands >85% of all cat activities and a stand-alone web platform that shares analytics and statistics developed for the research centers and vet clinics. Moggie is also a database of tips and routines developed for cats of different age and breed groups that are shared to the cat owners through a mo- bile app.


ABS, Silicone strap

Manufacturing process

Plastic injection


The team of co-founders have contacted RnD64 with a request to help them to design and make a look-like and work-like prototypes of their’s product.


We conducted a research and helped to choose the right safe material for the collar strap. The RND64 design team collaborated with a customer to define the design approach and style. We did a mechanical design and worked closely with a customer’s electrical engineers on a final design.

As a result, we delivered assembled working protoypes and provided to customer a ready for DFM industrial and mechanical design.