About product


Smart pet camera with laser pointer

Petcube is a connected technology startup that designs and develops hardware and software products for pets. It has raised $14 million in seed, venture and Series A financing. and more than $500,000 from two Kickstarter campaigns.

Technology stack

Allwinner A13, Linux OS


PC, Acrill, Aluminium alloy

Manufacturing process

Plastic injection, Extrusion


the proof of concept: 3d-printed prototype powered by Arduino and servo-motors to operate the laser pointer


The RnD64 team was responsible for Industrial Design, Mechanical Design and Electronic design. The mechanical challenge was addressed to develop a low cost smooth-runner gear solution for laser pointer with low noise level and long lifetime of mechanical components. During the development of this mechanical part the RnD64 has built an electromagnetic system based on dual-axis scanning mirror system. It allowed to build a noiseless system with 110° by 80° range of motion and almost unlimited lifetime with unit price less than 2USD.

As a result, the Petcube has got a ready to manufacture product design, chosen manufacturing partner, signed supplied agreement and production line setup support from RND64 engineers and manufacturing managers.