About product


Jammy is a Digital Modular Midi Guitar that fits into the backpack. It has a modular design and can be easily disassembled for traveling and put back together again for playing

Technology stack

iMX6UL, STM32F303, DREAM SAM5716/5704B


Plastic ABS, TPU, Aluminum–magnesium alloy.

Manufacturing process

Plastic injection, Die casting, Stamping


The team decided to bring a new digital MIDI instrument to market but unlikely the most of products existed before, the team wanted to create a product that would feel and sound like a real guitar.


We did a bunch of iterations and usability tests on early proof-of-concept prototypes, constantly improving the performance of sensors and enabling different guitar advanced technics one by one. Finally, we created a prototype that proved that idea can be implemented in real product and our team was proud to get Summer NAMM best in show award. The design team has created a sophisticated industrial design. We incorporated numbers of sensors and transforms the data from sensors into a real guitar sound. The electrical design consists of two independent MCUs which communicates with each other when the guitar is assembled over SPI interface and specialised sound synth IC.