About product


CINEMOOD is a mini cinema portable projector for families that helps them watch movies, cartoons,
and TV shows anywhere. It allows its users to watch their favourite cartoons and animated movies, listen to audiobooks and songs, enjoy filmstrip cartoons and comics, and see photos and relive happy memories. It is a Wi-Fi enabled device that updates.

Technology stack

Allwliner A33, Android OS, TI DLP pico projector


Plastic ABS, TPU, Aluminium, Zinc, Brass, Steel

Manufacturing process

Plastic injection, Die casting, Stamping


  • previous generation of product was designed and manufactured by other party
  • industrial design of a new product: http://www.rassadin.com/projects/cinemood – new product requirements (projection resolution, weight, battery lifetime,keeping working temperature)
  • product cost and schedule estimates


  • product specifications (drawings, models, spreadsheets etc) ready to be produced on any Contract manufacturing factory
  • signed supply agreements with confirmed manufacturing, payment and shipment terms
  • established manufacturing process working from production planning to shipment
  • constant engineering and manufacturing support from dedicated remote team