Our story

RnD64 is a consumer electronics development company with an engineering office in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our team at RnD64 has proven its expertise in a complex hardware products development and manufacturing.

Dmitry Shemet, Max Kunderenko and Mike Horban founded RnD64 in 2015 after years in PocketBook company. RnD64 has started to provide design and development services for large number of customers including early hardware startups and large companies.

We treat customer’s products as our own and take care of all hardware product development aspects such as 

  •  deep understanding the use-cases and end-users needs for whom we’re designing the product;
  • understanding the business model and importance of target BOM
  • finding a feasible technical solution, keeping in mind cost, availability of materials and technology, reliability, volumes and further manufacturability
  • designing the PCB schematics and PCB layout, manufacturing and testing
  • mechanical engineering
  • building rapid and functional prototypes using our in-house team equipped with 3d printers and CNC machines
  • choosing the right manufacturing partner and setting up manufacturing

The core of our company is a team of seasoned engineers, electrical and mechanical designers, prototype technicians and manufacturing experts. 

We have strong relationships with contract manufacturers, tooling factories, EMS providers,  certification labs and logistics provides in Asia.

RnD64 is a hardware product development company. We deliver ready for manufacturing products by providing electrical, mechanical design, embedded software development and r&d services.